MW 3 multiplayer modes playable solo offline and Split screen says Bowling

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling talks about the multiplayer and solo games being played without Internet connection.

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RaidensRising2281d ago

Good. I hated the fact that Combat Training in Black Ops wasn't available to mess around with offline.

Titanz2281d ago

It was still a great feature to have.

Sinterfire2281d ago

Yes. I'm glad it's offline now.

claterz2281d ago

You can play combat training offline though :S

RaidensRising2281d ago

I mean how is this possible playing solo offline combat training?

Yes, it's possible via split screen but what about solo play?

FAGOL2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Go to Local>Split Screen (dont add 2nd controller)>Edit game options>Increase the number of enemies>Start match

Ta Da

CaptainSheep2281d ago

Plus, local gets you all the weapons and all the pro perks without even paying for them. 8)

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bunt-custardly2281d ago

Must be 3D. If it is, I wonder if MW3 will be the first game with Split-screen to let two players with PS glasses go full screen.

El-Fenemeno12132281d ago

I think resistance 3 will be the first. since it comes out before and was announced that way.

Tachyon_Nova2281d ago

Your almost definety correct, especially as the TV even comes with Resistance 3

Eiffel2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Monitor, not a TV. Any use with it as a TV will require a cable box.

BuffMordecai2281d ago

Hope this means there will be bots in offline split-screen like in black-ops, that was one of my favorite features.

SP3333D-O2281d ago

This is a great feature that I wish BF3 would include.

Cpt_kitten2281d ago

do you get to murder hundreds of innocent people in this mode too?

call of terrorism and the sales show how many people truly support it

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The story is too old to be commented.