WGB: Mortal Kombat - Review

WolfsGamingBlog writes: "In many respects the original Mortal Kombat was something of a revelation to me: I enjoyed Street Fighter at the time, but I was never that heavily addicted to it. But along came Mortal Kombat with its free-flowing combo system and its ludicrous amount of blood and guts. And those beautiful, spine chilling Fatalities that demonstrated so many ways to end a video-game character’s life. Poor little sods. Mortal Kombat sparked the love of fighting games for me, and acted as a stress reliever and anger management system, all rolled into one."

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Septic2523d ago

What's with the late review? It wouldn't surprise me if I see a review for Power Stone next....

WolfLeBlack2522d ago

I'd been planning to do a review of the game around the time it was released, but our review copy from Warner Bros got lost by the friggin' Royal Mail. Around a month after that I picked up the game to play with some friends, but didn't have the time to cover it. A few days ago I was thinking "Y'know what, I loved the series, I wrote a massive preview before the games release and I'd promised the readers a review. I've got the time so let's do it!" I figured it's never too late to hear about a great game.

Septic2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

Ah fair enough then.

I reckon you wouldn't have reviewed it so highly had you got your ass whooped on it by me.

Yes, these are fighting words.

CrimsonEngage2523d ago

While i agree with the late review i'm glad to see another high score for this amazing game!