Gamer Euphoria: Bastion Reivew (Xbox 360)

Awaking in a destroyed world with only a narrator’s voice for company Bastion opens in bold yet gentle manner. It sets the tone for the experience to come almost perfectly. The world has been destroyed and you’re being drawn to a location known as the Bastion, on arriving at the Bastion it becomes clear very few have survived the destruction known as the calamity. The Bastion requires a bit of love and attention and thus ‘The Kid’ is tasked with collecting cores to restore the Bastion to its former glory while uncovering the story behind the events. The story’s basic outline may not sound like anything original or interesting but the way in which the story is conveyed and progresses makes it highly engaging and interesting. The Narrator that describes every action and story element within the game is an ingenious yet simple addition. The voice is perfectly on key within the universe and full of charisma, it almost feels like a parent reading a child a story with an enthusiastic yet charismatic tone of voice. There is a real sense of time and effort being invested in how the Narrator would affect the game’s experience and how effectively it carries the story. The Narrator will often comment on events within the game for example if a player falls off the edge of the map the Narrator will comment on it often with a smooth yet witty remark, it adds a nice layer of depth and emersion to the game.

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