'Don't Bet on Scarecrow being in Arkham City' Says Scarecrow Voice Actor A San Diego Comic Con attendant has reported back on his time with Batman: Arkham City and has revealed some interesting new details.

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NukaCola2527d ago

I really like how the pacing worked with the Scarecrow in Arkham Asylum. It was some really dark and adult themed stuff there. I hope for some really good pacing. Being an open city, I would like it to still remain a bit linear in the story.

SilentNegotiator2527d ago

Here's hoping this is just a simple bait and switch. I liked the Scarecrow sections.

beastgamer2527d ago

you want to know what i do to scarecrows, I ****'Em

NanoSoldier2527d ago

if it was a joke -> bad one
if it's actually true -> disgusting

SilentNegotiator2527d ago

Whatever it takes to keep 'em away from those poor pigs.

beastgamer2527d ago

did you think i said the f word, gosh, nasty freaking gamers, it means k1LL

Myst2527d ago

Well I suppose that is okay I'd miss scarecrow but still the game itself is still shaping up to be something spectacular for the dark knight.

Cpt_kitten2527d ago

he was in the first game so really no point for him in the second, on top of that there are still tons of enemies in batman

Adexus2527d ago

I don't want to say this but my hype has lessened a bit... but it's still through the roof :P

The Scarecrow parts were the best bits in the first one I think.

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