PushingUpRoses and Paw play one of the worst games of the 90s: Beethoven's 2nd

PushingUpRoses (pictured) and Paw are off to rescue some puppies! This was named one of the top 10 worst games of the early 90s.

Also, don't break the guy code.

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BubbleSniper2549d ago

you got hit by a freakin pinecone... wth?

jwk942549d ago

How do i find more videos of this pair?

Pozzle2549d ago

Most of their Lets Play videos are here, though she switches guest stars every now and then:


jon12342549d ago

why are so much of these vlogs/blogs of people speaking their mind no on n4g?? i get tired of the hip hop gamer, now we have these other people getting in on here....