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In the end, Level-5 set out to create traditional JRPGs at a time where fans and critics are bemoaning the lack of traditional JRPGs.

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remanutd552526d ago

loved the first one , cant wait to play the second part !!!! and the psp game too

dangert122526d ago

loved the first and the psp game number 2 soon come

WildArmed2526d ago

I'm thinking of importing the PSP version over here. But i'm not sure if US Psp can play EU games.
I've read mixed answers everywhere >.<

Honestly, this game can't come sooner. The online is amazing. I hope the next franchise they do has an online too!

White-Sharingan2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

PSP, like PS3, is region free, meaning it can play all games, from all territories.

Spenok2525d ago

Agreed. The first one was awesome. The only problem i had with it was you could only play the online up to the point you were in the Single Player, which sucked for me since i had started a new game plus before going into multiplayer :/

Though i happily beat the game a second time just to enjoy MP. :D

chidori6662526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

because fans had high hopes for this game.

It's hard to say how a game maker with a solid history of great games can take a medieval setting and giant powered mecha and not have it turn out awesome.

LadyGaga2526d ago

Not to mention, they skipped out on making Dark Cloud 3 for this junk.

Capt-FuzzyPants2526d ago

Yea I like this game but it really isnt anything special. Dark Cloud was. I loved those games. I really want an HD collection and eventually DC3 rather than more games like this.

fluffydelusions2526d ago

I only hear bad remarks from reviewers. Everyone I know who played it liked it.

Spenok2525d ago

Then i say if you are interested in it you should definitly play it.

rmedtx8882526d ago

I really enjoyed the first one but I hope they polished some of the details for the second one, like doors opening towards you passing through you.

JAMurida2526d ago

The only people that I know of who don't like the game are those who didn't play the online part of it and only played the single player part. As far as I know, everyone who has picked up WKC 2 loves the game. IMO, WKC is easily one of the best games this generation. 900+ hours in it and I still find my self playing it 24/7. Same can be said with MAG, another under appreciated game.

As far as why people don't like the game generally? Well it is a JRPG... Not to mention, the online component of the game does evolve a lot of grinding and you really have to get into the game to learn how everything works. Basically your typical casual gamer would be turned off instantly from the game, (especially if they saw how many times they had to do Best Served Cold to get to GR15, lol). But for me, stuff like grinding and all is no different from traditional JRPGs and games like FFXI, Phantasy Star Universe, Phantasy Star Online ep 1 and 2, etc...

I've gone on too much about this, but the people who review WKC sound like they pretty much just review it because it's their job and they never really cared for it in the first place. Probably rushed through the offline and spent like an hour only with the online component at most.

Redempteur2526d ago

Pretty much THIS.

WKC is a whole ...SOLO and multi ..

Sure the story mode is cliché at times but that's not the point ..

Online is customisable engaging with lots of quests and transforming knights !!i mean how can that be bad ? i know it's not.
Review from people who didn't have time to try online only played 1/10th of the game .. and that's why i laugh at them

VelvetHammer2526d ago

If it doesn't have a fps element to the rpg like what WRPGs have done these days they aren't going to give a good JRPG a shot. Thats the way i see it. I love WKC and plan on getting part 2 first day. Reviewers these days don't know a good game if it kicked them in the ass.

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The story is too old to be commented.