Gamerzitch: Classifying MMOs

"World of Warcraft has a very large community, it has a very expansive world, it is known by nearly everyone, the combat is solid, and it is overall a great game (though don’t take me wrong, I don’t play it) it really is hard to actually be better than WoW, unless you “Change The Game” in the words of Castor from Tron: Legacy."

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Kran2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Found it ;)

(This was a reponse to a twitter comment to those who dont know ;))

ATiElite2548d ago

great article detailing the types of MMO's out there.

I can't do the WOW/Rift turn based grind all year MMO but I'm looking forward to Tera and it's real time combat.