Activision not worried about public perception of city bombings in MW 3

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling isn't concerned over how MW 3 will be perceived in the wider spectrum in light of the destruction of New York.

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AtomicGerbil2550d ago

An appreciation of peoples feelings wouldn't have gone amiss, instead of what comes across as a complete disregard.

Trunkz Jr2550d ago

They should be more worried about BF3 taking a slice of money from them :P

evrfighter2550d ago

id be more worried about mw3 bombing

MidnytRain2550d ago

I think they'll be okay. I remember people calling EA "weak" for caving in when they changed "Taliban" to "Opposing Force" in Medal of Honor last year.

nopunctuation2550d ago

9/11 happened 10 years ago and since then, anything about the destruction of New York has been Taboo. I can understand not showing the twin towers or ground zero but this really has nothing to do with 9/11 at all. Americans (im from america) act like they were right there watching thier dad die on that day. The only people who should be offended at this sort of thing are the actual victims of it.

Tru_Blu2550d ago

By your logic a game where you're the guard in a holocaust camp is ok.. I wasn't a victim of it. A game where I fly the bomber to nuke Japan is ok.. I wasn't a victim of it. I'm all for free speech but if you want to mass market a product some things are just off limits. By all means you have the right to make such things but don't act all surprised when a public backlash ensues.

STK0262550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )


Except, in MW3 you likely won't be bombing NYC, this probably won't be a "no russian" mission, you'll likely be an American on american soil while the Russians or whoever you are fighting are bombing the city.

So, a game in which you attack an holocaust camp would likely be okay, depending on how you do it.

There's a difference between fighting against someone doing something and going it yourself. And last time I check, there never was a backlash for video games showing the destruction of most european cities during WW2, nor did anyone ever blame Tom Clancy for his books which more often than not feature one or more terrorist attacks or a full scale war leading to massive damage to american cities.

It should also be noted that MW3 is about a fictional WW3 scenario, this is not about terrorism, it's a full scale war, so obviously NYC would be a prime target in such a scenario.

2550d ago
nopunctuation2550d ago

Your point is kind of confusing Blu because there have been movies made about the holocaust and WWII. I just want to know what is so Taboo about even the slightest suggestion of 9/11 in a movie? If there is any movie about something bad happening to America (mind you, im from america) it is not airable. Thats why we dont see many movies about the Vietnam War or Bay of Pigs or even the War on Terror. They were failed wars by America.

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hennessey862550d ago

is apart of all our lifes wether we like it or not, so why is it when a game dramatizes it theres uproar but if a film does it its given awards its BULLSHIT

subtenko2550d ago

For the FIRST time EVER! Release the KRAKEN! (Angry complaining parents, random people, and JACK THOMPSON, to complain about the game to get it banned)

Nah, I wouldnt go that far...the devs made all that hard work, but they should still complain :) Would be effin hilarious for once.

Agree of Disagree if you Agree

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Septic2550d ago

Maybe Activision will be worried in light of the massacre on Friday?

RaidensRising2550d ago

The only thing Activision are "worried" or concerned about is how many sales they'll get.

They seem to not care how they get those sales.

DJMarty2550d ago

@Septic - They Obviously hav'nt got a heart, saying things like thay have. Greed rules them, they more bothered about sales, than events that have recently happened. Very sad.

hennessey862550d ago

that was one nutter with issues

NanoSoldier2550d ago

Totally agree, no Terror, just a crazy sad guy. This won't have effect on single games. If it has an effect then on all Shooter Games.

kangbuo2550d ago

Isnt it the case for all terrorists ? They re all nutters with issues. Its no different here

bunt-custardly2550d ago

Maybe they'll get their own back and bomb EA's building this time.

Cpt_kitten2550d ago

its really sickening that they don't care, im sure dlc or next years call of duty will have the norway bombings

this is why i hate call of duty, it supports terroism and they don't care one bit

Fishy Fingers2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

How does it "support terrorism"? America will save the day and everything will be rosy, and isnt that what matters, that America kills everything else? Because no one really seems to have an issue with that.

Cpt_kitten2550d ago

what? what america dose is no different from what terrorists do but on the other hand any country that goes into a war typically has a reason behind it besides there "god" telling them too go in and kill everyone, any other country would do and has done the same thing at some point or another so it's hypocritical to say that only America dose that, when in truth history just repeats its self and so the actions anyone dose today has been done in the past

Blaze9292550d ago

Ofc they aren't worried. Theyre just waiting on that free publicity fox news report: "videogame allows children to be terrorist and destroy NYC similar to 9/11"

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