Zelda Majora's Mask remake a possibility - Aonuma

Legend Of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has told Nintendo Power that a Majora's Mask remake wouldn't be an impossibility if there was enough demand from fans.

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charmer2466d ago

yeah remake majoras mask to complement ocarina of time for sure

kingdavid2465d ago

99% chance of this happening.

OOT 3d sold real good from all reports.

Misterhbk2465d ago

I fully expect this to happen, and won't be surprised at all. As great as this game is I really wish Nintendo would spend time making new games, and not these ports.

Star Fox 64
Ocarina of Time
Tales of the Abyss (not Nintendo's fault I suppose)
and now Majora's Mask (most likely)

I wouldn't care if the 3DS got these ports along with new good games, but these ports tend to be the best games, and I've already played them all. I just want new experiences. I know there is new stuff on the way, but man, stop spending so much time and money on ports Nintendo.