Blendimals Review - Plasma Station

The game I will be talking about today is called Blendimals. You've never heard of it you say? Well that is about to change. If I do this right not only will you have heard of it but you will get it and pass it around to your friends. Now just the name Blendimals you must have some ideas floating around in your head. If at any point you thought of Liger from Napoleon Dynamite, you are absofruitly right. (Note to editor I meant to put abso”fruit”ly) I first discovered this game on my favourite underground vidja game news site (or if you will). They cover many a free indie game (Did I mention this game is free) but this one especially caught my eye because who doesn’t want to mix animals creating some sort of weird hybrid. Not Hybrid cars, but Hybrid MOTHER FREAKING animals. (I don't know if the owner will allow me swear in my reviews. He himself does swear more then any other human being I have ever met, BUT this is a semi-professional atmosphere. An atmosphere that I have already ruined with my little jokes.)

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