BioWare Comic-Con panel reveals important Old Republic information

SystemLink says: "BioWare, as usual, is tight-lipped when it comes to release dates but when it comes to The Old Republic - yeah, they aren't saying anything. However, thanks to the many magics of Comic-Con BioWare just held an Old Republic panel that revealed several important pieces of information Star Wars junkies and MMO addicts simply need to know."

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Wizziokid2311d ago

"Weapon customization will obviously play a huge role in the game, but the developers said you can keep certain weapons for the duration of the game. Specifically, the very first lightsaber you find can be used through the entirety of the game. How? Just by tweaking, upgrading, and customizing."

hell yeah!

Solid_Snake-2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

i myself want to be a bounty hunter. although i love the jedi. bounty hunter seems my kinda fun.

fluffydelusions2311d ago

The real info everyone wants to know is when it will release??

Wizziokid2310d ago

they plan for holiday 2011.

noxeven2311d ago

Awesome,looking forward to what they decide to do with guilds