Nintendo Needs to do These Things to Regain Fan Support

Ryan Hillis discusses what Nintendo should do if they truly want to compete in the next gen.

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ultrapepe2528d ago

Nintendo needs to drop all the casual gamer gobbledygook

blitz0x2528d ago

Agreed - or at least, they need to do both in a better way. I think maybe opening themselves up to more of an indie market could also help in some capacity.

agentxk2528d ago

That or stick to current systems. Remember, they want to make games for the DS, 3DS, Wii and the Wii-U. Make up your damn mind on what you want to support

jadnice2527d ago

It would be business suicide to drop the casual gamers... why would you make a silly comment like that?

Nintendo needs to stream line and continue to support the casual gaming community (which is very large) and put majority of their resources (which currently they are doing) in their efforts to stake claim on the core audience. This can only happen if the WiiU hardware is good enough. Core gamers are like sports cars junkies.... they care about horse power not if the steering wheel as a LCD screen on it.

BrutallyBlunt2527d ago

Nintendo doesn't need to cater to the hardcore crowd. There are enough viable options out there for them. Who really wants the Wii U to be an updated Playstation 3 or an updated XBOX360? Nintendo needs to continue going their own direction. They also don't want to start selling their consoles at a loss.

The casual market is growing at a faster rate and the Wii U will once again offer a different type of experience. Not everyone needs or cares about bleeding edge technology or cares about a well established online service. Millions only care about having fun and Nintendo has decades of experience in that area.

TyrionL2526d ago

@ Levelhead
I agree with your comment 100%. I know the people around here don't like it, but some of my favorite games this gen are on the Wii. They treat it like a dirty word on this site, but Super Mario Galaxy 1&2, NSMB, Mario Kart Wii, Punch Out, Metriod Prime 3,Donkey Kong Country Returns, and the best version of Okami, just to name a few. I do not dispute the Wii is primarily a casual focused console, but to deny the hard core offering is just keeping yourself from some very good games. Hell what do I know though, I’m just one of those ignorant gamers that will still choose fun over graphics any day of the week. I wonder when that changed? Somewhere down the line someone decided that being fun wasn’t the most important feature of a game.

ultrapepe2525d ago

lolwut? The Wii-U is a failure before it has even launched. The two days that followed its announcement Nintendo stock dropped by a whole %10.
There's a few reasons for this. One is that they're amping up the hardware for the core gamers, but at the same time they're marketing towards the casual gamers, which in turn drives the core gamers away. The amped up hardware drives the price of the system up which in turn drives away the casual market. One of the biggest reasons that the Wii sold so well to families and casual gamers was its small price tag. The Wii-U won't be able to match that.

Nintendo has split their new console in half by attempting to reach two radically different audiences, and this sort of strategy often ends in failure on both ends.

ultrapepe2525d ago

The casual market doesn't buy third-party games and therefore doesn't count for much. This fact is the ENTIRE reason behind the creation of the Wii-U.

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morkendo232527d ago

Nintendo need to open up SNES portfolio begin banking on those up-graded games on wiiU

agentxk2528d ago

Nintendo just needs to watch and learn from what is working out there right now.

Cal6642528d ago

They spend too much time playing catch up and trying to rely on motion and 3D gimmicks. Still live nintendo but just wish they weren't so far behind.

Shok2528d ago

Sony is just as big on motion and 3D gimmicks as Nintendo is. The Move, PSeye, their new 3D TV, 3D PS3 games, etc.

Just saying.

silencedwriter2528d ago

That is a good point. But Sony makes good games.

Fierce Musashi2528d ago

To silencedwriter:
And Nintendo doesn't? Seriously.

Shok2528d ago

Um, so does Nintendo? Lol.

Cal6642528d ago

Yeah but to be honest I'm not a huge fan of Sony either. I prefer the Xbox above everything and they tried something genuinely different with there motion stuff.

Kinect still isn't great but its nowhere near as bad as Nintendos stuff.

Also PlayStation and Xbox have far Superior hardware and software to Nintendo which was my original point. Unless Nintendo can pull in a market that isn't family orientated then they are going to be in trouble.

AWBrawler2527d ago

wow Kinect has worse motion games than any wii game

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Jihaad_cpt2527d ago

can someone mention some Nintendo software that they consider hardcore and then give some sales numbers. Cause I cannot think of one good Wii game to be honest. PS3 and Xbox have better games for core gamers

PlayerX2527d ago

Well Super Smash Bros. Brawl sold over 10 million, O wait! That's not what you wanted to hear is it?

Jihaad_cpt2527d ago

any others not featuring Mario? I dont care so Im glad they had 1

Shok2527d ago

Twilight Princess?

Donkey Kong Country Returns? Pretty sure that's sold over 4 million.

Metroid Prime 3? Over 2mil. Not much for a first-party Nintendo game but still a multi-million seller.

N4g_null2527d ago

Dkc at 5 million and Zelda at 5 million.

Note these games out sold uncharted 1,2,3. GT did bad also I think 2 mil? Ps3s biggest game was cod at 5 mil. Lots of their games only sold 2 mil.

If that is what you believe is a hardcore following then Sony will have to abandon you and stop making sequels to those games since they clear are not selling yet they have huge hype behind them.

Also you have to go 20 games deep to find dkc and even more to find the 2 mil sellers. I mean come on red evil 4 wii make sold that much lol.

True those games may look better but why is it I can find people playing brawl and Mario kart in droves online and a lot of nintendos top sellers do not get traded in yet that is all you see on the xbox and ps3 side.

Games have to have replay value. I mean they have to actually be a game not a wanna be movie. Those are fun the grist time. The stories are not that amazing.

maniacmayhem2527d ago

Try House of the Dead: overkill or Silent Hill.

Why do you need sales figures? Just try them yourself.

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Titanz2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

As the Wii is number one selling console of the current generation(7th).

Nintendo already knows about the problems that plagued the Wii, so the Wii U is being developed to rectify those problems.

Holy smokes!

The article has "dudebro" all over it! xd

nopunctuation2527d ago

Sales have meant nothing this generation. Look at the sales and compare them to the quality of the consoles and thier games and you will see that the sales are not indicative of console quality. Nintendo took advantage of the market be releasing a console with last gen specs at half price of the competition. It may have had an edge in price, but the games have been terrible, especially in the 3rd party area. The wii is running solely on mario and bad exercise games and yet it sold so much by appealing to the blue collar family market. The competition by comparison has been able to release and popularize new IPs of games and new technology that has become a standard for the current generation and beyond. The consoles that have the least in sales have driven gaming further than the wii ever could.

Jihaad_cpt2527d ago

did you just say sales mean nothing. Im glad you're not running any business. You would run it into the ground like the Greek economy

nopunctuation2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Sorry. I didnt know there were so many nintendo stockholders on this site. I dont see how you could care about sales so much otherwise. My point was sales /=/ quality. If a console was released at 50 dollars and another at 500, which do you think would sell more? The 500 dollar console is obviously more well put together and offers more, but the 50 dollar console would sell more. You know what, I just realized that arguing with you is pointless. You are obviously a troll judging from your username and will probably use your last bubble to respond with another weak comment like that one.

TyrionL2526d ago

Dude, why do you people just write Mario off like that every time you start talking about Nintendo? Mario Galaxy 1&2, and the NSMB are some of the most fun I've had this gen. I could do the same thing to Sony or MS, All Sony has is Uncharted and Killzone, or all MS has is Halo and Gears, see it's easy to bash when you discredit the best stuff right off the bat. Mario games are top of the line quality, yes they have a bunch of them, but ALL the main cannon stuff is excellent. Just because you are “too good”, are “too cool” for it doesn’t make it bad.

nopunctuation2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

Your about 2 says late to the party buddy. This argument is dead and I clearly won judging from all the hate disagrees I got. If they disagree so much, why not responing with your own logical argument? Case closed.

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jadnice2527d ago

Full agree... their approach this time around is clearly very different with a focus on 3rd party support (they already have dev teams working with 3rd party developers to get their projects up and running). They have out source the development of thier online infrastructure to a outside company that specialize in that (also new for Nintendo). They have said very little about their own 1st and 2nd party titles to keep the emphasis on 3rd party developers.

earbus2527d ago

Hd is all that was needed ill be getting the new gear.

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