Twisted Metal embraces M rating

Tom Magrino writes:

"As the brutally violent live-action video ends, Jaffe emphasizes that the game is definitely in the M-for-Mature category at this point. Though the team initially pushed to release the game with a T rating, the ESRB balked at having the graphic live action video in the game. Rather than compromising, Jaffe and his team opted to embrace the M, and is currently retooling parts of the game to further make use of the more lax rating."

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TheLastGuardian2585d ago

I think I would've been more surprised if Twisted Metal actually recieved the T rating Eat Sleep Play were shooting for. It's hard to make a game with serial killers rated T. Let's just hope this doesn't hurt sales too much.

Overall I'm glad Twisted Metal can now embrace it's M rating. Also it's good to know Shadow and Crimson Fury are in the game. There's still too many new vehicles and not enough classic ones. Day 1 though, no matter what.

Blaze9292585d ago

Wow so the main thing were "compromising" for turned out to be a bust and they are getting an M rainy anyway. See, tset should have been aiming for that from the beginning. I loved TM Black. He even admitted it was the highest rated TM game but the loses sold due to the M rating.

So you'd sacrifice quality for more sales? Ever since then I haven't really been feeling this game. Too late to probably change the storyline for the m rating now but I wonder what they will do.

DrFUD2585d ago

Let's hope it doesn't hurt sales?
The M rating on COD doesnt hurt sales or stop 10 year olds from playing online.
Also they were stupid for trying to go T in the first place and this late in the game they will not get enough M content into the game to really take advantage of that.
They might as well had stuck with the original desire to release it as a PSN title because it seems overall things aren't going right for them.

TheLastGuardian2585d ago

Well nothing can stop CoD from sell 10 million copies too many each year but this is Twisted Metal not CoD. The ESRB rating has nothing to do with the quality of the game. Every game in the series had a T rating other than Black. Nothing was comprimised, they were just hoping for a T rating but it didn't work out.

You're so wrong, this was destined to be a retail release and overall things are going great with Eat Sleep Play and the new Twisted Metal. There's no doubt in my mind that this game will be incredible.

Imikida2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

@The Last Guardian: Ya at first I didn't think there wouldn't actually be too many original characters.

chidori6662585d ago

Good news, no kids in this game anymore..

MidnytRain2585d ago

I'm guessing you don't play a lot of online games then, lol.

killcycle2585d ago (Edited 2585d ago )

Exactly... every single adult game is full of kids.

Playstation home is for 18+ users only and half the population are 12-17 years old and yet nobody does shit about it.

CernaML2585d ago

Fantastic news! Now Jaffe can unleash his true story telling potential. This will be the greatest one since Black! :D

DrFUD2585d ago

it's too late for that.
what we're going to get is a M rated product that wanted to be a teener.
and unless they push it way back when do you think they will find time to put all these hardcore (M rated) kick ass things in?

SoapShoes2585d ago

I disagree it is rated M because of the stories. Jaffe wanted it to be T but couldn't pull it off, that doesn't mean it will be any less mature. I don't see how you can make a story about a serial killer wanting to kill his first victim T anyway.

StarWolf2585d ago

too bad they probably wrote their stories more teen oriented months ago .

beast242tru2585d ago

i would hav liked the teen rating for it to generate more sales but i guess it had 2 be mature after i say all the civilian being rolled over on the streets n stuff

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