Four reasons why Crysis is better than Crysis 2

The former had set a new bar for spectacular graphics, the other featured a tight story. They attracted a significant number of lovers and haters. While Crysis introduced the nanosuit and the tools that came along with it, Crysis 2 defined its relevance with the world. Both are great games, but the prequel brought something new and fresh on the table. The direction taken by the sequel to expand the story instead of the gameplay left me completely disappointed.

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chidori6662403d ago

t's really sad to think that for all of Crytek's talk crap of this game looking worst than Crysis 1..

Peaceful_Jelly2402d ago

all they did was downgrade their engine and make another corridor shooter.

theonlylolking2402d ago

I think crysis 2 looks better than crysis 1. The mods in crysis 1 is what made the game look good. The out of the box without mods looks worse than crysis 2.

I still think crysis 1 is a better game than crysis 2.

ATiElite2402d ago

very very good article. Finally someone wrote a piece that knows exactly what Crysis and C2 are all about.

I loved Crysis. At first i was so into the graphics that i ignored the game play but when you start playing other shooters you start to realize the magic that made Crysis so good. True sandbox format allowed the gamer to attack any situation how they wanted on the fly. I've beaten Crysis about 10 times and probably never played the same way twice. where as C2 was linear and the nanosuit became more of a load-out task versus the quick switching abilities used in Crysis.

Graphically Crysis beats C2. Tack on the DX11 to C2 and OK C2 does pull ahead but then add the Reality Mod to Crysis and the old DX10 PC specific champ kills the console port with it's taped on DX11. Crysis w/ Reality mod is so photo realistic it's scary good.

leathers1232402d ago

Preaching to the choir here my dude!

Gran Touring2402d ago

I really hate how people think the first Crysis was just a technical showcase of CryEngine 2, and how people bought it just for the graphics. I think if more people would actually play the game, and not draw early conclusions about it, they'd see how great it really is. They'd also why fans of the series see Crysis 2 as such a big disappointment.

Jacobite2402d ago

I've played all 3 Crysis games a few times each, played Crysis 2 from Soldier to post Human Warrior the last one with DX11 and Tex pack, dont get me wrong I enjoyed Crysis 2 but I still think Crysis and Warhead are better and its just not about the Graphics its the gameplay just more fun.

voodoopickle2402d ago

yeah, i agree. was really pumped about crysis 2, until i saw what it really was. it seems to me they did more than just let their fans down, they disrespected us by giving us a game designed for sheep to follow in the overcrowded fps shallow end

CaptCalvin2402d ago

I thought the story was pretty cool, but only on first playthrough. When I try playing through it the second time for for the DX11, I found that I was already dragging myself through the game and just stopped 1/4 of the way through. Crysis 1 however I've played through at least 3 times with no problems and that was much longer game.

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The story is too old to be commented.