Weekend Reading: Netflix for Gamers

Every major console now can use Netflix to stream movies and TV shows right into your home, and in the case of the 3DS, even the palms of your hands! In fact, demographics show that most people use their 360 or PS3 to watch Netflix on their televisions at home. There’s a good chance a lot of those viewers are gamers, and there’s an even better chance some of those gamers might be you. And as time has gone on, the Netflix library has grown so large, that some titles can get lost in the wave of new titles, often to be forgotten until a random though coaxes you to check out Netflix for yourself to see if it’s there. So [John-Charles Holmes is] here today to let you in on some of the best gamer oriented movies and shows that you can watch on Netflix Instant Streaming right now. Whether you’re looking for a entertaining Saturday night in or fodder for a “bad movie night” with your friends, there’s sure to be something here that will capture your interests.

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