SoulCalibur V At Comic-Con: Ivy, Natsu, Z.W.E.I. Detailed

Hisaharu Tago (SoulCalibur V producer and member of Namco Bandai Games’ Project Soul) reveals new details on Ivy, Natsu and Z.W.E.I.

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Inzo2551d ago

Wasnt SoulCalibur 4 supposed to be the last one of the series?

midgard2272551d ago

wasnt halo 3 supposed to finish the fight? 3 games later and 4 on the way with anniversery, and the new trilogy.

if sc4 was the last one it would sorta suck cuz people love it, they want to see more content, new characters etc etc. its sorta like dead or alive 5, itagaki said 4 would be the last one, its been like 6 years and everyone wants doa5.

blazblue is supposed to end in about 2 more games, but im sure we will want more.

im glad SC is still going, mostly because me and my fiance love creating characters, no other good fighter lets you do that

Sprud2551d ago

It was. The team disbanded and there were no plans for another one. That was until the fans started petitions and lobbying.


Note the quote: "SC5 came true thanks to everyone’s support and passion! The team was dispatched after SCBD.. so I'd like to thank all the fans out there!"

Redempteur2551d ago

Really funny to see how namco can listen at times . They weren't listening last year ..

But at least they arelistening now and that's great

VTKC2551d ago

I was hoping to see Taki!

TheRichterBelmont2551d ago

Didn't this news leak a while ago?