Eurogamer Review Viva Piñata: Party Animals

So Party Animals, thrown together by Krome Studios using familiar assets from VP and the (surprisingly watchable) TV show, goes in completely the opposite direction, delivering a mixture of dull foot-races and dull mini-games and handing out Gamerpoints like candy.


despite Eurogamer's initial reaction to the announcement, Eurogamer imported this, and popped it into the disc tray hoping against hope that it was more than it seemed. It isn't. It's actually less. There's very little challenge or strategy, and very little imagination has gone into anything besides the visuals, which were done by other people anyway. Xbox 360 wasn't a good system for kids and families before this came out, and nothing's changed. Teach them to play Viva Piñata instead.


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titntin4054d ago

Having played this title, I've got to agree with this review. Even for a brian dead party game, this is really lame and completly without imagination.....

TheMART4054d ago

Agreed, the original Viva Piniata is much more worth playing.

On the other hand, my sis little daughter of 5 doesn't understand Viva Piniata, but will enjoy VP Party Animals just because of those silly colourfull animals doing stupid things like burping their boat over a swimming pool.

So there will always be a market with the youngest kids around. They understand button smashing for releasing the burp

ben8064053d ago

i was really hoping this was going to be good, pity