Are Strategy Games Outdated?

A critical response to Christoph Harmann's claim that "strategy games are just not contemporary."

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hiredhelp2528d ago

i hope not i love my RTS and turn based games.

BeastlyRig2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

"strategy games are just not contemporary."

In other words they can't sell it on a console..

hmm any good strategy this year?

should be goty with the witcher 2! But it won't becuz of some console rehash..

PhoenixDevil2527d ago

Agree they don't sell on consoles but that's a good thing, I'm a PS3 gamer but love Starcraft 2 I do not want to see it consolised n dumbed down

grailly2527d ago

I doubt-if blizzard were to port SC2 to consoles-that they would dumb it down, they would just make it impossible to control. They could use a keyboard and mouse on ps3 I guess, but I don't think people would play it like that.

theonlylolking2527d ago

A crap PC can run starcraft 2 on the lowest settings so a PS3 would not dumb down starcraft 2.

If it only came on PS3 and PC blizzard would not have to worry about space that much and they could wouldnt need to dumb down graphics.

On PS3 they could also make you use KB/M. Pretty much everyone owns one so nearly everyone would be on a even playing field.

Enate2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Hold up now Beastly I know you are all in a rush to pounce on the notion that good strategy games don't exist outside of PC but that's bs. RTS maybe but TBS hell yea it does. Not tons lately but there have been quite a few niche or not. Vanguard Bandits, Front Mission 3 and 4, Final Fantasy Tactics and plenty more I'm sure. An don't even get me started on how many good ones there are in the handheld market.

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hiredhelp2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

I think it could work ok on consoles if used with a mouse and devs gave that support using mouse.

the best game ive bought on the ps3. side is savagemoon psn fantastic titles. but also i did like R.U.S.E

obviosly pc dominates when comes to RTS turn based soo many to choose from. its not the most popular but then same could be said for RPG, im not huge fan of RPG.

but there still a fanbase for eaither one of thoe no matter how big. as of them being outdated. i dont think so. maybe a few new ideas may need to be added in command and conqure is way too over complex now. nothing like used to be. but the engines are getting nice touch up's its not soo all over head from 3ft away from the ground no more i like that.

MattS2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Really now. People also say that "board games are not contemporary," and yet that industry is doing fine.

Heck, while people are going to make silly claims, let's also say books are not contemporary, who would write one of those?

This is a great article. I'm glad to see there are still rational people out there.

Godmars2902528d ago

Mainstream devs aren't thinking about them, most smaller and indy devs don't have the resources to do them right. Also probably not thinking about them to boot.

Stealth2k2527d ago

theres no validity in anything a FPS developer says

grailly2527d ago

wasn't the full quote: "strategy games are just not contemporary to consoles" ?

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