Study Shows: College Girls Need "Stress-Relief" Gaming

A study consisted of 276 MSU undergraduate students, found that female undergraduates have significantly less time to spend playing video games compared to males. With minimal hours being played, the study showed that woman responded better to the "happy and comical" genre of game, rather than games that had long story lines or contained extensive violence. So what activities are preventing this female demographic from dedicating time to becoming hard-core gamers?

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KingSlayer2217d ago

How many times must we see the same bitch sitting in her panties with a controller in hand, simply b/c "girl" is in the story's title?

bojanson2217d ago

true enough man, tell you what, ill find another one for ya :)

deadpoole2217d ago

There is only one way to relief stress .... slightly bend over and do the dishes lolll.

M-Easy2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

While I was in college a girl's stress release was alcohol, weed and penis. And not always in that order. But I did provide them with all 3.

whitezagetsu712217d ago

You mean how many time do you have to see the same panties with a controller controller in hand sitting on the same chick lol get naked you strange whore

naruto2222217d ago

many more times, my friend. shes the only one that volunteered to do this

BubbleSniper2217d ago

stress relief gaming? there's a game for that IRL, it's called SEX.

2216d ago
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rabidpancakeburglar2217d ago

I thought college girls got their stress relief from becoming sluts.

bojanson2217d ago

ya it's true, too bad n4g doesn't have a Strip Poker Category

TronEOL2217d ago

Lol it's funny because it's true.

BinaryMind2217d ago

Yeah, let's all be sexist because we're lonely gamers who only wish we could touch a real women! :/

Jihaad_cpt2217d ago

why are they sluts if they fuck alot?

ViserysTargaryen2217d ago

They're only sluts if you didn't get any. God bless those angels of mercy I say.

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MysticStrummer2217d ago

She'd rather play with her Wii than yours.

bwazy2217d ago

I was just kidding. I'd like to avoid getting an STD


bojanson2216d ago

Hey you gotta take some risks every once in awhile :)

WhiteLightning2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

You know in the UK, especialy here in Newcastle, college girls usualy go and out and get
p!ssed untill they are crying in a gutter being sick, to relief stress.

Just saying

Tuxedo_Mask2217d ago

They do that in America too, whether they're in college or not.

MrSpace2217d ago

Your comparing girls going out and getting drunk in America to girls going out and getting drunk in the UK....

America looses battle....America looses that battle 9 times out of 10. I'm guessing Whitelightning means Newcastle Upon Tyne then yeah the town is a shit storm every night when people go out to town.

Tuxedo_Mask2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )


It's "lose", liquor is liquor no matter where you live, and it's not what you drink it's how much.

Regardless, it's better that girls or guys play video games to relieve stress rather than risk their health through over drinking. I know a lot of girls who game too and they're a lot more fun to talk to than the ones who go out drinking all the time.

ATiElite2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

maybe at a Nun's college but at a regular College, girls get laid to relieve stress.

BinaryMind2217d ago

True, but it's like not they get hammered and laid every time and everyday they're stressed. Seriously, if single women could get sex that often who would ever leave college?