13 Games Worth Playing During The Slow Summer Months | GoGoGamer

The outside world, full of fresh breeze and sunlight, has become a bore. You’re ready to sit back in front of the A/C and play some games. Sure, there’s the big titles everyone has played or will be playing – but what about all those games you missed and need to catch up on? Take our hand and let GoGoGamer guide you through a list of games in the past few years that you may have missed.

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bojanson2549d ago

instead of playing games in the summer I think you should do like the article picture, go camping, swimming, enjoy the outdoors. I just went wakeboarding this morning, water was like glass. Good times!

zerocrossing2548d ago

Dear god! And you call yourself a gamer!?

bojanson2548d ago

hey man, life isn't just about sitting on our asses all day. Doing that will put you at a stand still, everyone needs to get out of the house and absorb some of that good ol natural vitamin D. It'll make you feel better I promise.

zerocrossing2548d ago

Lol I'm only kidding and you make a good point. all things in moderation is key.

tinydinosaurs2547d ago

Portable gaming. The answer to everything.