Gears of War 4 to Rival Avatar's Visuals on Xbox 720, PS3 Revives Virtual Reality - NGV Episode #47

"Hello everyone and welcome back for another episode of Nick’s Gaming View where Nick covers the latest gaming news and events throughout the industry. While Nick was unable to attend the ongoing San Diego Comic-Con, he still has a great show for you all this week as he covers Sony’s discussions of bringing virtual reality back to life on the PlayStation 3, AMD’s jaw-dropping statement in regards to the new Xbox, CliffyB’s response to fan’s worries of the ending Gears of War franchise, and much more."

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tmanmushroom2403d ago

I didn't even know about the virtual reality thing at CES! Thanks for the great show!

deadpoole2403d ago

but for the love of god atleast make it 1080p. Dont remain stuck at sub-hd.

And yes you can easily rival Avatar graphics because ... real avatar is rendered at resolution for cinema not for 1080p ... so yeaa ... its possible.

arjman2403d ago

Cinema resolution is A LOT more than 1080p lol

lil Titan2403d ago

virtural reality might work out this time i mean look at the ds people are ape shit over it now

MAJ0R2403d ago

facepalm level is over 9000!

milohighclub2403d ago

Nick is a Dick, he's the kind o guy you just want to slap... Agree with what he's saying I just can't stand his personality!

GodKing13372403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Yes avatar graphics will be possible if you look at the video cards on pc they can run any game on max with 100fps (e.g. Nvidia gtx 590, and they come out with even better ones every month. Sooo yeah commonsense.

zinkabassy2403d ago

Wtf are people smoking they have huge processor farms that expand at least few square kilometers to render shit like avatar,..

To think a commercial cpu-gpu could do this shit is insanity,.. especially some broken cheap shitty product from MS.

inveni02403d ago

This guy needs to annunciate.

Boody-Bandit2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Oh can we please stop with this absolute horseshit already? Nick, stop, just stop. All of you guys in the media, stop, just stop. Avatar quality graphics next generation?


I just put together a pretty hefty PC yesterday with dual EVGA GTX 590 Classifieds. I played a little Crysis 2, Battlefield BC2 and for kicks, SSFIV Arcade. I am running all of these games in their highest settings possible and it runs smooth as silk. The games look staggering but they are leaps and bounds away from what Avatar looks like.

No way is the next generation XBox or PS4 going to blow away dual GTX 590's and that's what it would take for Avatar like graphics. We wont see those types of graphics until the generation after next or maybe even the one after that.

Avatar like graphics? Do you people spewing this nonsense have any idea how intensive those graphics are in that movie and what it took to achieve them? Obviously not because all you guys saying nonsense like this sound like fools.

CGI in next generation consoles wont even come close to looking like Avatar.

jadenkorri2403d ago

guys relax, i think he meant the game avatar not the movie...

hassi942402d ago


He knows that idiot, he's saying because they render Avatar for such a high resolution (and big screen) they need a lot of power, you need a lot less power to render a similar thing in 1080p.


I know you're trying to live up to your name - but I assume Gears of War 4 will be built on Unreal Engine 4. If you saw the good samaritan gameplay then you'd know a claim like 'rival avatar's visuals' isn't amazingly out of reach.

inveni02402d ago

One of your "agrees" is from me, but only because I went to click "disagree" and my trackpad picked up my touch instead of a swipe.

I disagree with you because there is a huge difference in quality between UE4 and Avatar. And the difference isn't just resolution. I'm not sure you realize this, but I brought Avatar home on it's in 1080p. It doesn't matter at what resolution they've rendered it because I brought it home in 1080p. And it's still miles beyond anything the top-of-the line PC can do. They don't render this stuff using a single PC, either. They use render farms with hundreds of PCs working in unison. They use raytracing and mapping technology that real-time engines won't have access to for a dozen years at least.

At the very best, next-gen will bring 1080p graphics, but few games will use 1080p (still) because the developers think more physics, more enemies, more AI, etc, are all better than a higher resolution.

BulletToothtony2402d ago

i could've sworn that this was a hiphopgamer post

MaxXAttaxX2402d ago

Looks like HipHopGamer has a rival LOL :D

Basjohn2402d ago (Edited 2402d ago )

As so many have said, Avatar isn't even rendered in real-time. Each frame is rendered by dozens of systems in unison and each of those would have taken hours or possibly more for a SINGLE FRAME.

Also to whoever thought cinema resolution is higher than 1080p.........Size IS NOT EQUAL to resolution. Resolution is a completely independant variable and with simple use of your eyes you should be able to tell raw cinema film does not match 1080p resolutions by any means.

Though please also remember higher resolutions are not always a good thing (especially in interfaces). The only reason a higher resolution tends to look better (in a game I mean) is higher scaling of textures and less aliasing. Working with static development 3D would very quickly show you that a 640x480 image looks as good as a 1080p image as long as you're not stretching it as static 3D (think CGI) scales on object size and NOT resolution.

arjman2401d ago

Inveni0 has it spot on

Hassi94 you seem a bit defensive, did they reject you for not being 18 years old when you tried to buy CoD?

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the_best_player2403d ago

Gears is going to get milked like Halo and COD boring...

b163o12403d ago

Agreed, but M$ doesn't have many exclusives so its only natural to see the same or expect the same games over time. It's a minor thing that has the potential of becoming a major problem IMO.....

Urmomlol2403d ago

This guy actually speaks English, so he's automatically not as terrible as Hip Hop Gamer.

beastgamer2403d ago

yo yo yo that tha hip hop gamer yo son i got dat hot info on the low bout dat ps4. yo i gotta pass the belt to sonie

jwk942403d ago

HHG speaks perfect english too, maybe try listening next time instead of being ignorant.

lil Titan2403d ago

you people are ignorant, just because he speaks with an accent and alot of interjections and slang while talking doesnt mean he doesnt speak english. you wouldnt say an English man doesnt speak correct english if he uses "bloody" and "Oi" while speaking would you? Fing retards

PRHB HYBRiiD2403d ago

lol i taught the same thing

Nick2120042403d ago

The difference between the title of this week's Nick's Gaming View and some of HHG's shows is mine is based off of the news and statements released this week. A majority of HHG's titles derive from info not released to the public. Anyways, I am interested in receiving feedback from you guys on the show.

LOGICWINS2403d ago

Nick, take the logical criticism but ignore the haters.

Hilarious how they spout so much negativity ..yet they give you ur hits LOL.

jwk942403d ago

So HHG gives us Behind-The-Scenes info while you report stuff that other people are already reporting. Wouldn't you say that HHG is doing something more appealing and something that would garner more viewers considering no other news outlet is reporting about the same things? Of course you also have to take into consideration the validity of his statements, but as long as he has some concrete details then he should be fine.

Micro_Sony2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Great show Nick!

I like your energy and like the setup of your your show.

The only thing I would want on the show is that you add some low music in the background while your talking and some low sound to the game that you are showing.

Keep up the good work and dont let people on N4G put you down. As bad as HHG was he received allot of hate here and he eventually stopped coming here.

Micro_Sony2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

Also when your changing topics it would be great to have some sort of sound effect kick in instead of you just going directly to the next topic.

You also need a intro sound - something like this would be great.

Edit: Just re watched your show with this playing low in the back ground and enjoyed it.

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metsgaming2403d ago

i disagree by accident. I totally agree i thought the same thing is this trying to be the new hiphopgamer?

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KingSlayer2403d ago (Edited 2403d ago )

The Xbox 720 revival Avatar's 125 million CGI budget makes me laugh. Hard. And Sony, please forget VR. Just keep making 3D badass.

MasterCornholio2403d ago

Unless its virtual reality on the level of Johnny Quest now that i would like.

trainsinrdr2403d ago

Why isn't this getting reports?

whateva2403d ago

I thought for sure this was Hiphopgamer show