Playstation Move Ape Escape Review ( writes: "Admittedly, this could be really fun. Consider this: “Alien monkeys are attacking earth and you must fight them off to save some hot chicks and find the ultimate monkey.” That actually sounds pretty cool, but in this case, it can make one literally feel brain dead."

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Close_Second2493d ago

Where is Move's killer must have app???? This is EyeToy and PS3Eye all over again.

killcycle2493d ago

3/10 Jesus!
I loved Ape Escape and i got Move!
Was hoping this would be a killer!

I'm still gonna try it, review's don't mean shit these days.

beast242tru2493d ago

i hope u didnt think ape escape would be the killer app.

n4gisatroll2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

I played the demo, and I really think it deserves waaaaay higher then a 3 out of 10. For real, this is a bs score.


After reading the can tell he's never played an ape escape game before, and it seems that he's a shooter fan because he puts down everything about this game, even after he claims the cutscenes "look like very high quality anime" then continues and says it's terrible cutscenes. This shouldn't have been approved.

Capsules2493d ago

I said that anime cut scenes were very high quality GRAPHICALLY but the content was awful. Please read and understand before criticizing. :)

callahan092493d ago

3 out of 10 is a broken game with absurdly unfriendly controls and frustrating gameplay. I haven't played this game, so I don't know if that applies to this game or not, but I honestly don't see how it could. I mean, it's a Sony first-party developed game. I would be very surprised if it doesn't at least use the Move controls accurately. Is it really so shit that it deserves scores like this? I need to play it for myself to find out, I think.

Knushwood Butt2493d ago

It seems to be the trend to hate on Move games. Motion control games in general seem to be out of favour. Even some of Nintendo's shovelware like Motion Party or whatever is getting ripped on, when a couple of years a ago it would have got good reviews.

I'm not saying Ape Escape is great, but is it really any worse than any of the other on rails motion control games out there? I mean, really? I played the demo, and while the gameplay didn't really grab me, it certainly didn't seem like a bad game.

Capsules2493d ago

3/10 means different things to different people. For me, 3/10 meant that Ape Escape had: boring, repetitive gameplay,bad graphics and sound, an off key story and a bad on-rails experience that failed to excite me. in fact, the only reason it got the 3 points was because of the high quality graphics in the anime cut scenes and the exceptional controls.