Most Wanted MMOs: Tron Revolution

Bright Hub "What would Tron be like as an MMO? How would the combat be? What sort of vehicles would be at the player's disposal? Find out and more in this detailed look at what a Tron MMO could be like and how it could revolutionize competitive online gaming."

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Septic2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I absolutely loved Tron Legacy. The game could be brilliant.

Imagine a server hosting daily public Disc war battles or lightcycle races at a set time and all server spectators betting on the winner! That would be epic!!

All this, to the sound of Daft Punk's anthems.

CommonSense2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

what'd you love about it? the 4 minute vehicle scene? the 6 boring minutes of throwing frisbees? or was it the 90 minutes of mind-numbing dialogue?

as for this being an mmo, i guess anything could be re-imagined as an MMO, but i think Tron is far too shallow to carry a community.

i think gears of war would make for a great long as the ground combat stayed basically the same. if they incorporated too many RPG-ish elements, it would be all wrong.

Septic2522d ago

You are right. Objectively speaking, there wasn't much to the movie but it sucked me into its world. The soundtrack, that chick, the just immersed me.

I enjoyed it a lot.

vortis2522d ago

I agree dude, I loved the aesthetics of Tron Legacy, even though the movie and plot sucked big time.

A game using similar music, environments and a cityscape would just be epic. The capoeira-style combat would be pretty cool for a game, too, even though in the movie it was wasted in a somewhat non-sensical way.

Gigglefist2522d ago

I can't see Tron making it as an MMO. It lacks the unique universe that makes games like Mass Effect or WoW such successes.