Five Reasons Why I'm Not Excited for Mass Effect 3

PlanetXbox360: "Am I missing something? When Mass Effect 2 launched last year, it was welcomed by critics with unending praise, many hailing it as this generation's best game. After playing the first game and being only moderately impressed, I was hesitant in picking up the sequel. Naturally, all the high review scores and unending compliments to BioWare for making such a fantastic title, compelled me to try it for myself. You see, I'm a sucker for a game that has a good story and cast of well developed characters, something this game was said to have in spades. However, after completing the game for myself, I must say that I wasn't all that impressed; so much so, that I'm not all that excited for the trilogy's final installment."

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Kran2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Oh dear. OHHHHHHH dear.

You've just p***ed off N4G.

The only one of those points ill agree with is a couple of the characters.

In Mass Effect 2, Jack really confused the hell out of me. One moment she was a bitch, then she wa sobby, then a bitch, then happy, then a bitch again and I just had no idea what to think of her.

And I don't like the fact that a lot of the companions for ME3 are just returning ones from ME1 and ME2. ME2 added new ones greatly, as the only returning "full" companion was Garrus. To be honest, id like a lot more newer ones.

JsonHenry2523d ago

I agree with the point about Jack. They can bring Shepard back to life but can't fill a bi-polar medication prescription for Jack. :/

BlindGuardian2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

I really enjoyed Mass Effect 2 but the article makes some good points:

-there's almost no story developments, 95% is recruiting

-the characters are bland, Jack is a little interesting but the rest are all one note

-the action and graphics are good but far from Uncharted or Gears

-RPG elements are secondary, they could get rid of the shops and it would be the same, and upgrading is almost automatic

what the game desperately needs is a wild card character, someone who doesn't care about his destiny or his people's and makes fun of all that posturing, like Han Solo on Star Wars, he was sorely missed on the new trilogy and a similar character is missing here

Active Reload2523d ago

Meh, this person probably just wants to play Vanillafield 3.

The_Claw2523d ago

This article is full of fail. Dialog tree feels like a gimmick? Your right, its really gimmicky when you have to make life and death decisions that affects the outcome of the game and franchise as a whole.

sounds like this guy just wants to run around and shoot some aliens. Which is fine but dont try to dumb down the best new franchise of this generation, just pick up Gears 3 and youll be good.

SilentNegotiator2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

"Jack really confused the hell out of me. One moment she was a bitch, then she wa sobby, then a bitch, then happy, then a bitch again and I just had no idea what to think of her"

Go out and meet some women. Spend 10 minutes with them. You will soon understand the brilliant and accurate writing behind Jack.

dredgewalker2523d ago


Lol so true! The last chick I lived with was almost like Jack and she drove me nuts everyday! Women can be creatures of both extremes.

MaxXAttaxX2522d ago

- Less planet exploration (They really could have improved over ME1's instead of streamlining it.)
- A LOT of recruiting (Probably just as much as ME2 or more...bleh)
- Less story development.
- Gears of War in space with dialogue trees.
- Did I mention less RPG elements?

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TronEOL2523d ago

Jack is supposed to be like that. She's incredibly troubled, and someone like that wouldn't be strictly angry. Her emotions are supposed to be a mess since everything she's been through.

Mind you I never liked Jack, and she was the last person I did the loyalty mission for.

As for this article, it just seems like Mass Effect wasn't his game. He should have stuck this in his personal blog, and avoided putting it on N4G since it isn't news, and it certainly isn't an opinion (as you lose credibility if your opinion is on a game you wouldn't like anyway).

Baka-akaB2523d ago

god forbid you get an actually different character indeed ... instead of a regular alien or human bimbo stroking your ego .

She is supposed to be crazy , lunatic and bipolar

stu8882523d ago

hear me out, I think the problem with mass effect 2 was that it did too many things in an average way. The story is superb, the characters are superb, the graphics are superb but everything else is average.

The speech wheel thing is so annoying. I want to ask a question and he asks something completely different. I ended up just ignoring what the wheel said on it and just clicked on whether I wanted a negative or positive response, like DA2.

As a third person shooter, the combat is below par. The animations aren't great either. I found that the game was best on ultra hard because you had to use tactics and therefore you couldn't play it like a gears of war or an Uncharted.

The structure of the game is rigid. Yes, you can decide which order to take missions, but that's it. Its like going on a CoD campaign and instead playing the 4th level before the 3rd level. That's it. There is no dynamic structure. You can read the way the game has been created and that takes you out of the experience.

It isn't a true RPG and that is a shame. My dream for mass effect would actually for it to be a bethesda style open world but in a massive universe, where you can fly the Normandy for real and land on all the different planets. and randomly acquire quests instead of just receiving emails stating each mission.

I know basically everyone will disagree with any negativity regarding ME2... this is simply my opinion. I am looking forward to ME3, just for the story alone.

clarkdef2523d ago

Well I ain't disagring with ya. I felt ME2 was a below average RPG, RandC was almost in the same league RPG wise.

I did like the shooting, but the level design felt like it was made on a very strict grid, and lacked the organic feel of Uncharted or Gears. But that being said it is a game so that stuff's secondary. Oh and the hardest mode is the way to go.

Games are really give and take with features because they can't spend too long on one game. If they were to make the game bigger and everything you wanted/mentioned the overal quality would be lower.

Overall loved the game because it has a well scripted universe.

Philoctetes2523d ago

You bring up a really good point about Insanity. When I played through ME2 the first time, I couldn't understand why it got such great reviews. It was definitely good, but the combat sequences were extremely repetitive and you could slog your way through every single encounter by just taking cover and spamming Incinerate (or whatever).

When I gave it a second playthrough on Insanity, it was like I was playing an entirely different game. All of the sudden tactics mattered a lot, and if your teammates die, you can't realistically expect to clear a major encounter all by yourself. Having the right teammates, putting them in the right spots, using the right weapons/ammo, etc. all became super-important and that added a level of depth that was totally absent on the lower difficulty levels.

It's a shame that Bioware couldn't make "Normal" more like Insanity, maybe by just toning down a few of the crazier segments (Horizon, the collector ship, and a few other spots). People who never ramped up the difficulty missed out.

NeoTribe2522d ago

I agree except the graphics part. The graphics and charictar facial animations were pretty moderate.

xCaptainAmazing2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

One could argue that ME2 didn't have the most tremendous story, but ME1 sure did. Once you remember that Mass Effect is a trilogy all surrounding the same story arc, ME2 is probably the perfect second act that we could have gotten (gameplay simplifications aside).

Think about it. The original Star Wars trilogy of movies was pretty much the same. First movie was an awesome exposition, the second one didn't have much of a story to boast about of its own, but was a pivotal middle point before reaching the third film in terms of character development, etc.

ME2 served its purpose as a bridge. It was a darker second act that was meant to finally drive the player into a solid moral standing. For me, I was probably about neutral in the first game, but the character choices in ME2 prompted me to play as if I were myself, completely following the Paragon path with a couple of Renegade actions when an NPC would waste my time. For me, the second game succeeded because I actually cared what path to set myself on. I was engaged enough to play it as myself, so I consider the game to be an absolute success in setting me up for the finale.

ME1 - Exposition - CHECK
ME2 - Player engagement and Shepard character development via party members and other moral choices - CHECK
ME3 - Badass finale - PENDING

ShabbaRanks2522d ago

Story? Is this a joke, cuz ya ME1 was good and better then the second, but the story has nothing special… Come on people robots attacking us, doesn’t get much simpler then that. What makes the story "look" deep are the characters and the choices you make through the game. But the main story is just plain simple…

Now don’t get me wrong this is a good franchise, I played the first one on PC and watched my friend go thru at lest 60% of the second game and in my opinion Bioware really slapped the fans in the face… They removed planet exploration from ME2 (Mako any one?) and now ME3 seems to be a third person shooter with "some RPG" elements

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Nate-Dog2523d ago

Sounds like you just don't like the Mass Effect series then. You don't like the gameplay sequences because they're repetitive, you don't like the characters because you think they're boring, and you think the story is poor. You also don't like the dialogue-wheel and don't think it really adds to the Role-playing experience, honestly if you have this many problems with the series why even play the games?

JsonHenry2523d ago

He also wants lots of hits to his published opinion. Getting linked to an opinion piece on a news site helps..

Tru_Ray2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

His opinion is not very insightful. If he thinks that Star Trek is hardcore science fiction, then he obviously has not read anything by Vernor Vinge, Robert Charles Wilson, John Scalzi, etc. Star Wars has its roots in fantasy as well as science fiction.

Anyways, I agree that the action in the game was somewhat repetitive, but this is not unlike any game designed since the inception of the industry. Personally, I thought the DLC offered plenty of variety (especially Lair of the Shadow Broker and Overlord).

The PS3 version was cool because it included all of the DLC. Exploring the expansive universe of the game was very satisfying for me.

joab7772523d ago

Yep, that is what it sounds like. I agree w only 1 of these, number 1. I love rpgs and shuffling through menu screens etc. Just give me like 5 outfits per character and weapon choices that i can't get in 1 playthrough. As far as ingenuity and 1 trick pony...its more like 4 trick pony but what do u want them to do, change everything each time and risk everything. We all love almost everything about the game. IMO, w a bazillion games out, find another one. I think he just wanted to get a rise out of ppl.

UltimaEnder2523d ago

I'll play it but understand your reasoning...

MisterAV2523d ago

me too, the mission could be less a "giant character fetch quest" but the second one is better than the first because is less RPG IMO, more streamlined.

coolbeans2523d ago

Although I know to respect one's opinion, no more how wrong some of them may be, I only see #1 as being the only point that actually holds any ground.

SageHonor2523d ago

To me it sound like a game series you just arent interested in... If you didnt like the characters, thought it was repetitive, and that the story was boring why the heck would you be excited for the final installment