Battlefield 3 Confirmed Weapon Attachments

A complete list of so far revealed weapon attachments that appeared in various in-game Battlefield 3 videos that EA DICE released up to date.

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Sinterfire2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

A flashlight is all I need everything else is for noobs lol /s

dirthurts2373d ago

I'll beat you with my maglight!

ATiElite2373d ago (Edited 2373d ago )

Dam no electric shaver No cup holder and no remote pouch. >:(

"shakes head in disgust at the attachments list"

Fayulah2373d ago

Ya, those are just some of the attachments that will be available

littlebigmarcpsps32373d ago

" DICE confirmed Battlefield 3 Weapon Attachments" i know you mods are approving stuff but last least you could fix misleading tittles sigh this site smh

Wardog13682373d ago

Mods aren't the one who approve things. Users do.

fooxy2373d ago

I wasted 1 minute something on watching this shit shows 4 attachments

jukins2373d ago

Do ppl really need to wonder what attachments will be available for guns?

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The story is too old to be commented.