Warhawk Players Get ‘First Dibs’ On StarHawk Beta

TGH Writes: "It is a well known fact that Incognito, the developers of Warhawk split into two companies. Eat Sleep Play which is currently developing Twisted Metal and LightBox Interactive which of course is developing Starhawk under the guidance of Dylan Jobe. Given that everything was so closely knit (the developers still keep in touch with one another) it would make sense that Warhawk and Starhawk would have some sort of connection other than the word ‘hawk’."

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Rob9462527d ago

I wasn't a big Warhawk player so looks like I may not be in the beta. This is a great idea though, the people who really loved Warhawk are the people who deserve the beta not just all the PS+ people like myself =P

ABizzel12527d ago

Warhawk is easily my most played PS3 game, so I'm expecting to be in this beta.

It's funny none of my most played games are what I consider the best games on their console.

Warhawk, Left 4 Dead 2, and New Super Mario Bros.

Shang-Long2527d ago

ive logged in over 310 hours on warhawk.... am i a warhead?

Shikoro2527d ago

I wish Guerrilla Games were like them... :(

red2tango2527d ago

I had Warhawk way back but I doubt they'd put me in the beta because I didn't play it much.

AstroZombie12527d ago

If it isn't a marketing beta I can assure you they won't get first dibs.

mafiahajeri2527d ago

Respect, better than those stupid buy game "X" to get into game "Y" BETAS! about time loyal fans get good treatment.

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The story is too old to be commented.