Teen Killer's Dad Says Games to Blame

Pastor warns parents about games as 'weapons'

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WhiteLightning2528d ago

Yes blame games because you can't face reality.....

midgard2272528d ago

totally. Because the Romans had Videogames to blame when they did all their cruel tortures and took over everything not to mention Gladiators.

the spanish inquisition was started because of bible videogames, The witch hunts were just a form of Video games

with a planet that has 6.93 billion people there are obviously going to be a few with some loose bolts.

I hate people who think just videogames are to blame

Agent Smith2528d ago

No, it's your fault. If you had acted like a parent, this wouldn't have happened.

Kran2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

Here we go again.

Hey guess what? BOOKS ARE BAD FOR YOUR KIDS. It teaches how to kill dark lords using magic, that vampires are not bad people and autobiographies teach kids to take drugs depending on who its by.

I can talk B/S too. Although the last point could be true tbh...

omi25p2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

The child was already a insane. They said the kid was injured and was unable to play sports anymore. The boy loved playing sports and being unable to play was out of his control. Then his parents stop him playing video games, which is something else he loves. But this he can control. Having everything you enjoy doing taken away from you can drive people crazy. He reacted in a a iriational and desperate way to stop something else he loves being forced away from him.

Also video games do not cause people to become violent. I was playing the original mortal kombat when i was 5 and i havent killed anybody

Simon_Brezhnev2527d ago

Funny how they always talk about games but never movies.

NanoSoldier2527d ago

Games as Weapons?!? I can only shake my head, please not again. Games will never force anyone to commit a crime in any way.

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The story is too old to be commented.