Icon Games Discusses 'Joy' of PlayStation Minis Development

Push Square writes: To some pockets of the industry, PlayStation Minis is a taboo term. Sony’s micro-game initiative has struggled with an identity crisis for some time; offering digestible titles similar to those available on smartphones at double the cost. Despite this, the service has been paramount to the success and growth of some independent games developers. One such studio is Icon Games, who after having a rough time working on Nintendo’s WiiWare platform has spoken about the “joy” of working on Sony’s Minis program.

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2494d ago
will_c_752494d ago

I love the Minis. As a parent, it gives me quick old school arcade type games, while waiting for the kid to get ready for bed. There are some real gems, I love The Flying Hamster.


f7897902494d ago

The problem is there are just so many clogging up the mini's section and few have demos. It's hard to know what to buy.

I did buy Flying Hamster and love it. Great game to play on the PSP if you have only a few minutes.

Goozex2494d ago

It would be a 'joy' if they give us trophy support.

KongRudi2494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )

Good to hear that someone likes to develop there..
I hope they feel they continue to succeed.

I really enjoyed Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasy, both are great games with awesome music, both games have 4 tables.