King of Fighters 13 is heading in the right direction

Raelcun: 'Okay, the key point in the title here would be: “is heading in the right direction”. This is extremely important, because in no way is KOF13 perfectly designed and without flaw. There are definite problems, but one of the things that has impressed me the most about this game is how much it has artistically improved from earlier entries in the series. To clarify, female characters who have been badly portrayed in previous iterations have been almost universally more positively portrayed in this game. I find this to be the focal point and the reason why I say they’re heading in the correct direction, even if there are still more improvements they could make.'

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Moerdigan2526d ago

That article is at fault for for condemning fan service as inherently bad.

Baka-akaB2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

It's worse , it even seek fan service in a few places and chars there isnt really any .

The way they chars are depicted , only way to satisfy the author would be some ugly woman with no appeal whatsoever under tons of clothings .

You also gotta love the irony of praising Athena's new look because the skirt is longer , yet floatty and even more revealing .
Not to mention that she got since KOF XII a facelift perfect to arouse lolicons , as opposed to looking her age in the past games .

BubbleSniper2526d ago

hypocrisy spotted. Baka-akaB has earned EXP

Pozzle2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I get where the author's coming from, but I don't agree with many of his points. I'm all for making female character in games less pointlessly sex-objecty, but that doesn't mean a female character has to dress ONLY in complete body-covering realistic outfits. They can still be sexy without their boobs and asses hanging out! For me, characters like Mature and Vice are well known for their dresses, so it's weird seeing them wear business suits, regardless of whether or not it's more practical. I mean, could you imagine a character like Mortal Kombat's Mileena or Street Fighter's Chun-Li dressing in a suit to cover their bodies? It would ruin part of what makes them such iconic characters.

nemey2526d ago

2 months to OCT finally.

jc485732526d ago

regarding Mature and Vice, I think I've seen a dress like that, but that goes way back in the days.

CrescentFang2526d ago

That reminds me, I gotta buy Arcana Heart 3!!!

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