Another New Battlefield 3 Alpha Video

Well it seems that EA just cant stop videos being uploaded to youtube, here is another Battlefield 3 Alpha Video. Watch it quickly before it is taken down.

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JellyJelly2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

If anyones worried about the shadows looking overly dark - In BFBC 2 you could adjust the contrast to make it look a lot smoother. Made it easier to spot enemies as well.

The game looks great but it's very evident it's in alpha mode. Can't wait for the beta.

PS. I didn't know they let full-on tards in the alpha.

Trunkz Jr2462d ago

Well, he may be a tard but this guy is tardy enough to make alpha videos for us (which is a big no no to begin with lol) Hope they have the MP5 as well.

Tripl3seis2463d ago

is the beta for everyone or just pc players cus i want to get in it this game is looking very awesome.

Olvipoika2463d ago

open beta starts september ( pc,ps3,x360 )

padz12462d ago

What kind of noises is this guy making?!

Anyway, the game is looking sweeeeet for Alpha

majdees2462d ago

Is Dice involved in a chimp experiment or something??

Can't wait for the game btw...

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The story is too old to be commented.