Why Uncharted 3 Isn’t Using Facial Motion Capture

With some big-budget games with strong narratives—L.A. Noire, Resistance 3—now using facial motion capture to add depth to their characters and dramatic impact to their scenes, it's somewhat noteworthy that Uncharted 3 isn't. There's a reason for that, though.

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lazertroy2553d ago

It don't need that's Why.

firemassacre2553d ago

i cannot believe someone dissagreed with you. i mean in order for someone to use the internet they must have a brain right? well atleast some soft of one, i cannot fathom a creature that we call HUMANS have had thousands of years to advance and we get a person who actually has the mind of a caveman in 2011! and they know how to use n4g! what in the hell...OFCOURSE UNCHARTED 3 DOES NOT NEED IT.

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Micro_Sony2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Why does it have to be xbots? why cant it be a PS3 only owner who played LA NOIRE and wants to see facial motion in Uncharted because it would make it more EPIC than what the game already is.

Did UC2 need multiplayer - No
Does UC3 need 3D - No

Uncharted needs none of those things because the game is already amazing but adding them only makes it more amazing.

MaxXAttaxX2553d ago

Because it gives them more freedom. I'm sure ND has excellent animators who still like to keep their job(jk) and because ND has been avoiding the "uncanny vally" since the first game.

Honestly though, it really doesn't need it. The animators have been doing a great job at creating life-like motion and animations by still keeping it stylized.

No complains from me :)

Solid_Snake-2553d ago

if it was there you would be claiming victory. as it is not there you don't want it......typical response from such a genre of a certain console owner.

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Ravens202553d ago

Wtf? Resistance 3 is using Facial Motion Cap?

KwietStorm2553d ago

First I heard about it too

trollkill2544d ago

Im in beta and to be honest character animations and facials are way better in the uc series so if facial motion cap is what im seeing in Res 3 it could do without it. I like the res 3 beta but what i dont like is the character animations and some of the facials.

Cpt_kitten2553d ago

because la noire sacrificed textures and detail for that, it was very flat and plain

plus besides nitpickers who really pays attention to facial expressions, it's like when lip syncing was catching up everyone made a big deal about it but in the end dose it really matter?

JonnyBigBoss2553d ago

It's a waste of time. Here I am playing old Final Fantasy games that didn't even have voice overs and they're better than any game I've played this generation. Screw graphics, give me gameplay.

clearelite2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Totally agree with you, the obsession with minute details has made some people lose sight of creativity and the big picture. Realism isn't always appropriate anyway.
Realism does not always equal a good experience. In fact, even movies abandon realism all the time to ENHANCE the experience.

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