Amazing Pre-Order Deal for Dead Rising 2 at Gamestop

Yesterday at Comic Con it was revealed that Gamestop would be hosting and amazing preorder deal for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record in North America.

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MrBeatdown2500d ago

Cardboard armor = amazing?

Ser2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Yeah, I'm a little confused as well...

If you think cardboard armor is amazing, I've got a medieval armor suit built out of soda cans that'll blow your mind.

MrBeatdown2499d ago

Shut up and take my money!

showtimefolks2499d ago

for this and so many others why do something new and fresh and millions are willing to buy the same game with different name

no wonder why there are so many different street fighter and MVC editions as long as fans are willing to buy why change

and that is the main reason many of the long time capcom devs who had high post jobs at capcom are leaving and either forming their own studios or doing something with a western publisher