First screenshot from upcoming Telltales Game's - The Walking Dead

JOYSTIQ: "The Walking Dead is coming alive with the first screenshot from Telltale's adaptation, featuring the escaped criminal Lee Everett and the young girl, Clementine, looking terrified in front of a decrepit motel. Telltale has apparently stepped up its graphics game, and just in time to make The Walking Dead as gory and twisted as its ink-and-paper form."

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OllieBoy2554d ago

Day 1

I've been on a Telltale kick lately. I'm loving their PSN offerings.

Nitrowolf22554d ago

Love walking dead show. I have faith in Telltale.

EVILDEAD3602554d ago

Big fan of Zombie flick..HUGE fan of the show..would absolutely LOVE a game in that universe..bring it on!


Solid_Snake-2554d ago

me also i loved the back to the future episodes but...dont i want the walking dead to be a puzzle game.

Paradicia2554d ago

Awesome art-style. The detail on his shirt with the sketchy lines is a really nice touch :L

Hopefully the gameplay will go hand-in-hand with its style. I'll be looking out for this one :)

2554d ago
Der_Kommandant2554d ago

I hate Telltale's characters design

MrDead2554d ago

I would love more Sam & Max Telltale

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