Questions and Concerns: Part Four of Wii U Week

TheHDRoom: "Nintendo took a chance in announcing and demoing Wii U upward of a year or more before its release sometime in 2012. The competition now has insight into what the trailblazing company is up to and will no doubt take a long and hard look at their future plans and tweak accordingly.

By announcing and teasing Wii U so early, Nintendo has left many questions deliberately unanswered. Their own plans for the touch-screen controller are still coming into focus. What we know now could slightly or radically change in twelve months time.

Part of the fun in discussing Wii U is asking questions and speculating on what's to come. Let's start with the questions here in part 4 of Wii U Week, and then I'll tackle speculation and my wish list in the final part. "

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jacksheen00002523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

The only Question I want to know is the SPECS of the Wii U; so every other question is irrelevant.Beside, I m getting tried of hearing the same Sh*t over and over again.

TruthbeTold2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

That isn't the only question I want answered, but it is probably the biggest question I want answered.

I own all 3 current gen consoles. If the Wii U is noticeably more capable than the PS3, has a nice lineup of games, (not just ports and remakes), and isn't $400 at launch I'll buy it.

If it's basically the same (Which I doubt and hope against), or Nintendo is trying to fleece early adopters, or there is nothing awesome available that doesn't have a version playable on the PS3 or 360, then I'm waiting until a price drop and an HD Zelda or Metroid game, or something else Nintendo of that caliber.

charmer2522d ago

the wiiu will be more powerful then the ps3 and xbox360 thats really enough specs...and its good that nintendo is leaving everything a mystery besides that the wiiu will have great 3rd party support cause they know sony and microsoft plan on copying them since they hardly come up with an idea on their own....and nintendo already said the wiiu will have 3d support...and will have great online support...i think nintendo is working behind close doors to get this just right or as close as possible

lionelglitchy2522d ago

of course ps360 will copy them as long as online is sorted and i can get all the usual 3rd party titles as well as mario metroid in hd my 360 will be on the 2nd hand shelf day one

charmer2522d ago

nintendo just need to focus on having great games , especially of really special first party games at launch and in the first year of release....cause even if the next xbox and playstation is more powerful then wiiu its not likely to show much ..its not like they are going to be able to use a 3160 resolution...the resolution will still be 1080 and most tvs or shows are just now support that.

Ness-Psi2522d ago

if anything launch line up usually makes or breaks a console.