Too Many Villains in Arkham City? The Penguin and Solomon Grundy Added

MovieStinger: "There’s no doubting that Batman: Arkham City looks amazing. The last game, Arkham Asylum, was a strong contender for 2009′s Game of the Year and Arkham City looks to be even better. But could the latest Batman game be making a big mistake that often happens in comic book adaptations? The mistake of packing too many villains into one story and as a result diluting the overall plot? We’ve seen it happen many times in films (Spider-Man 3, Iron Man 2), but can the same problem occur in a video game?"

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vortis2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Uh, they do know this isn't a movie right?

40 hours offers plenty of time to flesh out dozens of bad guys.

ImSoHeavy2550d ago

Uh, did you actually read the article or even the last line of the paragraph above?

Heroes are fine. bring on more!

deadpoole2550d ago

is this game linear or sandbox like gta

StanLee2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

@ deadpoole

Batman: Arkham Asylum was a linear, story based game. What's worst was the game added to it's length by forcing you to continuously backtrack through areas you'd previously visited and explored. Riddler trophies and other unlockables, encouraged exploration but the backtracking was tedious and really wore on me as the game progressed. That said, the game's story, mechanics like combat, stealth and investigation were really well done.

vortis2550d ago

I did read the article but the point is moot.

Games have plenty of time to flesh out characters, which makes the question of whether a game has too many villains pointless.

X_iGame_X2550d ago

What's wrong with that? MORE!

MidnytRain2550d ago

Well, you know, it's good to have characters fleshed out. I have a feeling that someone won't get the attention they deserve if they try to cram in too many.

majdees2550d ago

This game is shaping up to be awesome. Also the list of Batman's villains is the best.

Cpt_kitten2550d ago

penguin was planned from the start, but still have to play as cat woman so still passing on this game

InTheLab2550d ago

But your name???? How can it be that you don't like cat woman?

Cpt_kitten2550d ago

haha i chose my name cause i am horrible at thinking of names and the gf was saying something about a kitten

i hate cat woman, worst char ever

InTheLab2550d ago

I hate it when great devs pump too much content into games and only charge $60. Why don't they just add these characters as DLC? /s

This was a pointless question that no one but the author was concerned with.

cr33ping_death2550d ago

i know right? they should have pulled a capcom :)

cr33ping_death2550d ago

someone clearly cant pick up sarcasm without the /s.... or is a capcom employee :)

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