PAYDAY: The Heist – How to steal $8 million from a drug dealer

GamesRadar - We were very impressed with PAYDAY: The Heist when we last played it at E3 2011. The four-player co-op shooter is clearly inspired by Valve’s Left 4 Dead – but instead of coming off as a cheap knock-off, PAYDAY continues to impress, upping the ante for the kind of teamwork required as you break down doors, bust through safes, and make off with loot in epic capers inspired by the development team’s favorite heist scenes in movies.

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metsgaming2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

for a game that will most likely be like $15 this game looks great. I buy Downloadable games very rarely and this one im considering thats how good it looks.

Sinterfire2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

For 15$ that seems like a good deal for this game. I may get It as well.

mastiffchild2281d ago

Well, it's got a lot of L4D DNA and , certainly, looks to playabout the same as long as core mechanics are strong-and all signs point to that being so. If L4D could succeed on a grand scale as a retail game with little actual content then surely this as a chreaper game on a system(PS3) deprived of Valve's Zombie shooter should do pretty well.

If they want to go the whole hog why not, like with UT3, allow us to cook over PC mods for the game too-the thing which left console versions of the L4D games trailing in value behind their cheaper, better PC counterparts-then it could be an amazingly value filled package at around £10-£20.

With it likely being even cheaper on PC , and with tons of scope for cheap DLC too(just think of all the great robberies from movies still to be exploited FFS)I can see it doing really well as long as, like I said, the shooting is good, the AI challenging and the pacing right. Naturally, this being Sony we will have to assume it gets very little marketing!

lazertroy2281d ago

Playing a video game is the only place I will attempt to steal it once I learn how.