Deus Ex: Human Revolution: A Title You Shouldn’t Miss


"Summer is a time where we all delve into a little bit of desperation, and even madness.

"Not because of the state of the world, or the economy.

"Not because of war, conspiracy or brooding conflict.

"We as gamers learn the definition of insanity when we go through 25% of the year with [typically] no major releases, a period of what can feel like everlasting drought.

"Every now and again, one title releases near the end of summer that ushers in the clustered holiday season of big-name releases.

"This year, that title is Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and I’m here to convince you why it’s a title you shouldn’t miss."

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Proeliator2430d ago

Very good write-up; definitely got me more excited for this excellent game!

Bereaver2430d ago

Uhhhh, just curious Proeliator. Do you always post positive comments on your own article?

I mean, I could be wrong, but it definitely seems like you.

gravemaker2430d ago

i think it will be contender to GOTY

Proeliator2430d ago

Definitely. And it's coming out at a perfect time too; ending the summer and basically kicking off the holiday season!

Hooshuwashu2430d ago

definitely coming out at a good time... right when school starts, so I can ensure failure!!

XboxOZ3602430d ago

Definitely mate, along with several others that have come out, along with some yet to emerge that have broken new ground, set new standards, and engaged gamers on new levels.

gaminoz2430d ago

I tried the franchise last gen and couldn't get into it for some reason. I wonder how thus one is going to be different. It seems to really be a love it or hate it type of franchise?

Proeliator2430d ago

Well, the first one really was TWO gens ago (2000). :)

It took a lot of patience and was revolutionary for the time period.

This one is sort of melding that feel into modern styles, but successfully. It looks fantastic!

gaminoz2430d ago

I tried the Xbox one...briefly.

akiraburn2430d ago

As a heads up gaminoz, the one you played on the original Xbox was Deus Ex: Invisible War, which was the second Deus Ex game (this was the only Deus Ex on the original Xbox). That game is often times regarded as the worst sequel to one of the best games of all time. It did many things different from the original and it was poorly received because of those choices, as well as having many technical problems on it's PC version during release. However the original Deus Ex won more Game of the Year awards than almost any other game (although Uncharted 2 might have beaten it recently) and is still regarded essentially just as highly by gamers, publications, and enthusiasts out there.

I can't speak for the upcoming game yet (Human Revolution), however I would suggest that if you have a PC that was built any time past 2002-03, that you check out the original Deus Ex, as it's one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. It may not look much better than a PS2 title given it's age, but the game is a lot of fun, has an amazing and groundbreaking story (especially for the time in gaming) and actually features some very decent voice acting. It's personally one of my top five favorite games, and I recommend it to anyone who might like the idea of an FPS incorporating RPG elements into it, and who value story and choices in a game.

XboxOZ3602430d ago

Having seen the game up-close-n-personal, all I can say is, wow, anyone that has liked, loved or even thought about the series past or futre, is going to enjoy this.

Of course, there will be the moaners and complainers, there's never a game presented, no matter WHAT it is, that some will claim some seoret of foul or 'major fail' for something it really doesn't deserve.

There seems to be a generation of gamers out there that simply like to comp[lain for the sake of it, yet rarely play the games in question fully or at all.

The way this one plays out is unlike previous ones, so there will be those from the 'past' that will want to know why things have changed so. It's called new audience and modern times, so games need to change as well if they are to bring in the gold over the cash registers globally.

We want new games, we want innovations, we need developers to come up with new ideas. What we also need is more patient, tolerant and understanding gamers willing to take risks . .

Not the no-risk, mamby-pamby, don't-like-it kinda gamers that plague the world today. Man up gamers, try going outside the box (no pun intended) and try experiencing gaming for what it's meant to be FUN.

Godem2430d ago

too many games coming out this year...

NinjaSp33d2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Oh i wont be missing it's a DAY ONE buy:)

Sinterfire2430d ago

Yep. Me too. I'm getting the augmented edition.

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