LittleBigPlanet To Get A Disney Franchise DLC, More To Come?

TGH Writes: "While at an event we were able to try out the upcoming LBP2 PlayStation Move DLC, which was amazing fun by the way. To our delight we got a brief glance at an upcoming Disney DLC. We decided to ask Kengo Kurimoto Lead Level Designer for Media Molecule regarding that and future Disney DLC for the title."

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ShadyDevil2434d ago

I want Lion King DLC. Period. Maybe some cool Snow White DLC would be sweet.

2434d ago
rbluetank2434d ago

this is going to be hot! i want jimmie cricket suite. lol

MidnytRain2434d ago

You mean Jiminy Cricket?

I'd want a suite period.

Why o why2434d ago

kinda strange, I could swear Disney were making a LBP clone

Quagmire2433d ago

I know, thats strange. I thought that by going with the Disney Universe game, they wouldnt want to sell their film/character licenses to a rival game.

Rob9462434d ago

I really enjoyed LBP1 but never really got into 2, haven't played it since January I wonder what the levels are like now.

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