Rock Band to hit 3000 songs

OMG that's a lot of DLC.

Harmonix announced that on July 26th, Rock Band's stable of tracks will break the 3,000 barrier. Here's a list of amazing Rock Band statistics to go along with it.

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NoobJobz2550d ago

Congrats. What a great milestone.

LadyGaga2550d ago

Such a shame that so few are good.

Gohadouken2550d ago

yeah right ... those small selection of cult groups and mostly acclaimed classics sucks .

Coming from someone sporting a gaga avatar and namesake yeah that's quite funny .

What's next ? A david Guetta or Flo-rida account will tell us that Guitar Hero is better ?

NarooN2550d ago

Such a shame that your opinion =/= fact.

(not really)

TheLastGuardian2550d ago

Congrats Harmonix. I've bought around 40 songs but they give free songs away so much that I have around 100 DLC songs. I don't care if people think the genre is dead, Rock Band is awesome and I always want more.

LightSamus2550d ago

I'll always love Rock Band and the day they stop making DLC or new games, I'll sadface.

Kluv2550d ago

Great to see it's still it's very very very overdue for some scorpions.

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