Animals and Creatures of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

An awesome video popped out on the internet earlier today revealing every single known creature of the Bethesda's RPG game.

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Fayulah2555d ago

I think it might be a werewolf

Cpt_kitten2555d ago

i still have yet to see what all the races look like besides the nords, orcs, and kajiits....really wanna know

Fayulah2555d ago

Hope all the races will soon be revealed

Bolts2555d ago

Will the fanboy be back? I'm sure that will please the N4G community.

Forbidden_Darkness2555d ago

Ohh god, please let that be a NO. There's enough annoying ones on N4G.

SYNTAXeRror2555d ago

Yes give me now.....we should go hijack bethesda hq immediately november is too far away...........its been dry this year comrades....too dry