Interview with Ed Boon Reveals New Info About Future DLC

Interview at Comic-Con with Ed Boon reveals some new information about future Mortal Kombat 9 DLC characters.

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Cereal2557d ago

There was no new info about future DLC in that video.

FEARprototype2556d ago

very weak interview and very unprofessional. it seems like there forcing everything and pit the words with no care. and the whole thing was a train-rack and nothing was interesting about it. and they didnt discuss why the dlc is over-priced and the internet-code.

ali711arab2555d ago

overpriced? it's five bucks LOL, get a job.

FEARprototype2555d ago

am sorry that you didnt see my point. and i have the characters for your information....

JohnApocalypse2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

I really wish they released the week before cause I'm going on vacation the day before this comes out

DeleteThisxx2556d ago

Don't worry. It will still be there when you get back.

felonycarclub2556d ago

i want more dlc and then i dont want more dlc? i really cant wait for the next game, this game is worth the 60 alone so much content and thank god they dont do no super ultimate mortal kombat, they did it once with ultimate mortal kombat 3 but luckily they stopped lol

ali711arab2555d ago

So true, such a great game. We're lucky we aren't getting the Capcom treatment, where we're forced to pay $60 for essentially the same game, but with new characters

gmdoat2555d ago

I'm happy that now I've heard it from Boon himself. There might be future DLC characters coming to MK. Of course it all depends on sales of previous DLC, but that's the way the video game business works...