Skyrim: Brand New HD Screenshots of The Elder Scrolls 5 Will Bring You Mixed Feelings

Here are some brand new HD screenshots of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. PC Games writes: "The six screenshots meant to see in our gallery below, but it should make for quite mixed feelings among series fans: the wide and open spaces come first, as usual, and therefore expects almost breathtaking epic. The numerous, sometimes extremely crude and washed-out textures, the viewer should fall on the other hand, however, unfortunately, not only at second glance, what would it tarnish the overall impression solid."

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TheDareDevil2497d ago

The Elder Scrolls 5: Cataclysm.
Haha... Google translator

Gray-Fox-Type02497d ago

annd no one cares...this game will be amazing either way.

BeOneWithTheGun2497d ago

Google translator sites need to die.


Jacks_Medulla2497d ago

There is only one feeling I get from these screenshots, November is too far away.

bjh0892497d ago

hm some of the screenshots makes the graphics look the same as oblivion. but these dont do justice to the game it always looks better in person rather than screenshots.

stu8882497d ago

i think this is a game that will look a lot better in motion...

Lazy_Sunday2497d ago

Screenshots that are on the 360 version aren't screenshots of the maxed-out and modded PC version. So why try to stir the pot? We all know the PC version will look better than this.

stu8882497d ago

true, but a lot of people are going to be playing on console, so its good to see what it will look like for a lot of us.

Lazy_Sunday2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

I guess, but a lot of these sites looking to belittle the game look for instances where the game's shaders drop out like screenshot 4. It's like the site that just complained about the ragdoll physics in the trailer. This is an alpha build, there are plenty of graphical bugs that need fixing--so we know this isn't a reflection of a final product.

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