Sony PSP Go + 10 Free Games Only £49.99 - Brash Games

Yes, that right it Includes 10 free games and is reduced to clear at only £49.99, it’s not available online but use the store locater here to find your nearest store to reserve one.

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beast242tru2620d ago

i would buy this in heart beat i really think the go is a great piece of hardware. i just dnt like having to carry around those damn umd's

oldfriend862620d ago

No, this is a PSP Go. You don't use UMDs on this system, just downloaded games. Strangely, that's why I don't like it, is because I still have my UMD games, but can't play it on the PSP Go.

ABizzel12620d ago

That was it's downfall not being able to move your UMD's over. People who had a PSP had no reason to upgrade even though the Go is much better IMO. (I got mine for $150 when it first came out due to an ad error, and it's great especially since PS+ gives yo ton of free PS Minis, and PS1 classics to play on it.)

Knushwood Butt2620d ago

At this price it's a bargain.

Great piece of kit if you can get over the UMD thing, and if not, just keep your original PSP. Not really a big deal.

Ddouble2620d ago

I hope these are still in stock on monday. Might get both black and white.

thebudgetgamer2620d ago

i wish they did this on this side of the pond. i would jump on this deal.

Close_Second2620d ago

Would only be a great deal if you could get more psp games on psn. I use to own a Go but sold it after there being almost no support for it.