Final Fantasy Type-0 - Scan Shows First Image Of Shiva

Check out the latest type-0 scan which shows the first images of Shiva

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Pozzle2216d ago

I don't think Square have had a decent Shiva design since FFX, tbh. :(

tplarkin72216d ago

I agree. Shiva from FFX is one of the most memorable female characters in video games.

Mario0072216d ago

watch about for the first comment saying SE should cancel this and concentrate on versus :P

Kira832216d ago

like late for that seeing how it comes out in october.

RedDead2216d ago

No..but they should cancel Xiii-2 and work on versus :)

Nah really Xiii-2 might end up good, Type 0 looks great already, I wouldn't mind another delay for Versus for T-0.

Chuvanes2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

nice ass

darfreeze2216d ago

She looks slutty. Still looking forward to a US release.

Ddouble2216d ago

Yea SE themselves said she looks erotic so i guess thats what they were going for.

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