Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 62: Jim Sterling from Destructoid

He is the stuff of PR managers’ worst nightmares. Women want to be with him, men want to be him, he is Destructoid’s reviews editor and legendary “bad boy” of the gaming industry, Jim Sterling. After Shanghai was able to muster up the courage to talk to him, the two discuss Jim’s busy schedule as a media gun-for-hire, discuss what it’s like having the ability break an entire game studio over his knee like so much kindling, and his bizarre fascination with William Defoe.

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PureDarkness2549d ago

I absolutely love Jim Sterling, can't wait to hear the interview with him

Kran2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

You're the anti-me, cause I just cant stand him.

He's not a PR's worst nightmare, he's a developers worst nightmare. He's the reason most developers dont want to f**k up, and somebody who has impacted the game industry so much to make it f**k up more than it already has should go away.

A lot of his reviews are hugely biased, and he doesn't take his job seriously at all.

LOGICWINS2549d ago

Maybe the issue is that YOU take reviews too seriously.

Kran2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )


Because when I read a review, I want an honest opinion.

I want a review which says, if the reviewer doesnt like it:

"I didnt like this game, but that doesnt mean you wont".


He did it with Kane and Lynch 2 and I actually liked the game. He thinks only of himself.


Ummm... you just kind of agreed with me there, did you realise?

edit: Ummm yeah capitilizing things wont make your argument change the fact you just agreed with me :/

LOGICWINS2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

"I didnt like this game, but that doesnt mean you wont".

But that should be how you should be approaching reviews in the first place. Sterling gave AC2 a 4.5 and hes entitled to his opinion. I still bought the game and I thought it was an 8.5 at the LEAST.

When you read a review, you have to understand that there are certain things bother people about a game more than others.

You just have to figure out for YOURSELF if the same complaints Sterling had about a game apply to you.

For example, Sterling said that the whole sci-fi element of the AC franchise is pointless. I disagreed with that. I think the sci-fi element adds another dimension to the story.

Pozzle2549d ago

"Women want to be with him, men want to be him"