Gamer Euphoria: Grumpy Gamer & The Panarama Fail

The Grumpy Gamer writes:

''It’s a Monday night and I am well aware that the BBC is about to embark on yet another misguided campaign onto video games and the people who play and indeed create them – Panorama: Shit Parenting…I mean Addicted to Games.

By the time I got around to watching the show the internet was awash with people talking about the show in question. I did my best to avoid any banter on the subject in order to have my own view on the shows content. After the god awful ‘debate’ seen on Alan Titmarsh Show (if you can call 35+ people who have never played a game since 1979 and are easier to influence than a lemming) in which Mr.Titmarsh and his buddies began to bash on the industry. It was fair to say that the debate was a golden example of the sheer ignorance shown by (what seems) the minority who unfortunately tend to be in places of power. But that was then and this was now and I sat down and prepared for Panorama.''

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