Gamer Euphoria: FEAR 3 Review (360/PS3)

There’s a disturbing lack of horror titles on current generation systems, even more so within the past few years. F.E.A.R 3 has launched its self onto the gaming masses bringing the familiar gore, bullets and Asian cinema inspired jump scares, does the new entry in the franchise offer brutal gunplay and top notch horror? Or does it fall flat on its face like a Platinum Dunes remake of a classic horror.

F.E.A.R 3 follows straight after its predecessor with the difference being here that the player sees’s things from the perspective of Pontman and Fettel. The two Brothers embark on the mission to reunite with their super evil charged mother Alma, who is now pregnant after her sexual assault on the protagonist of F.EA.R 2.

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WolfLeBlack2434d ago

Very nice review, Link. Keep up the good work and all that good stuff.

BubbleSniper2434d ago

that's all good and everything.. but one question remains to be answered... Is Alma Legal Now?


JellyJelly2434d ago

I borrowed it and have played it for a couple of hours. To me it feels very uninspired and I just can't get into it. It's more challenging (on the Commando difficulty) than most other FPS games but the enemy AI isn't as good as in FEAR 2, which was a much better game in almost every way.

I played the single player for a couple of hours but got bored by the shallow story and the repetitive gameplay, so I decided to try out the multiplayer. To my surprise I couldn't find any games at all to join. I'm playing the 360 version and I've never encountered this problem before with a new game.

I loved FEAR 1&2 but this one is a dud imo. I wouldn't give it more than 2/5. Try before you buy is my advice.

Linko642434d ago

So Fear 2 wasnt shallow or repetitive yet Fear 3 is? and if anything Fear 3 added more gameplay? i respect your view but i find it make little sense

JellyJelly2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

For it's time FEAR 2 wasn't shallow. The gameplay kept from being repetitive thanks to the great AI. FEAR 3 is just more of the same but less scary, with worse AI and a sillier story. In my opinion, that is.

fossilfern2434d ago

Both FEAR 2 and 3 were piss poor IMO compared to FEAR 1 on the PC. I dont want to sound like an "elitist" but the last two FEAR games were watered down for the COD fans and for the PS3 and Xbox. Play FEAR1 on the PC and its a completely different game

Linko642434d ago

I agree with you that they were watered down but i still enjoyed them, FEAR on the 360 was a bit clunky and the PC version was far better but as is the trend the follows up were indeed more console freindly