Beyond the Game: Sentimental Titles

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Do you have games that hold strong memories for you? Not just beating it or whatever, but held a huge impact on you, be it inside or out of gaming, be it the game or the physical media itself? Ryan Johnson reminisces on two in his history, and asks you to share your own stories.

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tiffac2372d ago

This reminds me of a guy who blogged about the death of his beloved Grandfather while playing Valkyria Chronicles and how the death of one of the characters in the game gave him such an emotional breakdown after holding it together when his Grandpa died.

RyanDJ2372d ago

It is amazing how media in general can really hit a nerve with life issues. I love that this one got rereleased with a better translation now so I can "get" it more than back then when I played it.

LiViNgLeGaCY2372d ago

The Legend of Dragoon. The great story itself had an emotional impact on me. Still not happy they have no plans on making a sequel.

LoD NEEDS a sequel!