Goldeneye: Reloaded - Hardcore Focus?

With no crosshairs or HUD in the reveal trialer, hardcore players could be the main focus of the HD remake

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TomInc2580d ago

I think they're definitely taking a more hardcore stance.. They've shifted over to ps3 and Xbox for starts. The general gamer groups there are more heavy with games like COD and BF

yen8882580d ago

With the new audience I totally agree that they should be going after a hardcore audience, but no crosshairs or HUD? That's pushing it a little bit

TomInc2580d ago

I'm hoping they do show up in the final build. Who knows.. Might be an option!!

dangert122580d ago

Done with the perks.
If it's reloaded i want the same core game
just HD visualsnot that crap on the wii

gravemaker2580d ago

too bad its not gonna be released on PC

TomInc2580d ago

Now that would bring in the hardcore gamers

yen8882580d ago

I don't understand why it isn't now, it's a FPS and their home is on the PC

Solid_Snake-2580d ago

golden eye is already on the PC. search for "golden eye source" its the multiplayer running off steam/source.

Pikajew2580d ago

HD doesn't make a game hardcore

AngelicIceDiamond2580d ago (Edited 2580d ago )

I hope its for the hardcore too many game cater to the scrubs. This game won't be for the feint of heart.

Well but then again I don't wanna get too upset imma throw my controller lol.