(NfamousGamers) Thank You Capcom for Sexually Confusing Me Again

All4Play "Thank you Capcom for confusing me. I’ve been pretty comfortable with my sexuality for a long time. I know what I like and I know who I like - and don’t take that as a knock on anyone else’s sexuality. Everyone is who they are and are going to be attracted to what they will be attracted to. But for my personal taste, I have been comfortable with who and what I am for a long time. Honestly speaking, I love women. I am open and honest to being a bit of a philanderer, but that is who I am."

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Pozzle2524d ago

I don't think it's that weird to find Poison sexy, tbh. Let's face it, he looks like a sexually attractive woman. There's nothing there to indicate he's a guy at all. So the parts that the author no doubt finds sexy are the girl parts, not the boy parts.

Arcee2523d ago

Personally, I agree. Poison is a very sexy character. Despite what her origin may be, the way she is represented in games emphasizes her sexually attractive assets.

dericb112523d ago


But think about it. Women complained and Capcom backed down and said its a guy. Truth is she is a she. Capcom wanted to save face to get the game to the market. With Rihanna having "Man Down" out, a song about shooting a guy now. I say its a girl because if women can shoot men then we can at least fight them off to save a family member.

Pozzle2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Actually that's not 100% true. In the NA version of Final Fight, Poison was removed alltogether. She wasn't in our version of the game.

But when the next game was in development, Capcom had the idea to officially make Poison a transsexual to avoid any possible backlash in the states. So she wasn't just changed in the American version... 'She' ended up being a 'he' all along. And maybe I'm crazy, but imo it makes him/her a more interesting character.


'Fortunately, we can now put the rumors to rest. Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono tells EGM in its latest issue "In North America, Poison is officially a post-op transsexual. But in Japan, she simply tucks her business away in order to look like a girl," Ono adds.'


Redempteur2523d ago

seriously i don't care , the character is great and i'm glad she is in teh game.
Heck even marduck is fine with it ..

nyobzoo2523d ago

well she is a woman, she was in the Final Fight series as a woman but for the US localized version, they thought it was controversial to beat up women so, they changed her character completely to a guy